Quality Of a Stud dog

The quality of a stud is a matter of opinion, as we all know. 

But an important factor is the bitch he is bred to.

No matter how good the stud is, if the bitch isn’t up to the quality he is, the odds are going to be that the percentage of good pups, in the litter, are going to be low.
I believe the most important part is the bitch.

So on to the reason why I finally decided to write this article.

The dog in question is Wise’s Maximillian.
About 15 years ago or so we decided to try some Creed/Corvino blood.

We first seen some dogs over at an old friend of ours named Clarence Yates.
We heard a guy had a litter of pups for sale,
with some of the Creed blood in them, the pup we got ended up to be pretty good.

My grand-father did and my father still does own pit bulls.
So being around pit bulls all of my life, it didn’t surprise me to see a good one.
We met Pat Bodzianowski who spoke a lot about Ross’ Red Devil a.k.a. “Creeds” Iron Dusty.

Red Devil was a controversial dog.
Some say Red Devil was never worked.
Some say he was.
I find that hard to believe. Anyway, there is one thing Tony, Pat and everyone involved in the breeding to Red Devil can agree on, he did produce some good dogs.

That gets us to Wise’s Maximillian.
I never bought a pup from Bob Wise, but I do own a lot of dogs with Max blood in them.

Max like Red Devil, was very controversial.
Some like Pat, because of their dislike for Wise would say, Maximillian wasn’t a son of Red Devil. But a heavily inbred grandson.
Max was shown, I know of by Barton of Anderson IN.

Max was also worked by Bob “according to Bob”.
Bob was not liked by many people that owned Red Devil dogs for sport.
A lot of people felt he was a peddler because he studded Max for $150.00 to anything.
As we all know when you breed for quantity instead of quality like this, you are going to produce a lot of curs.

Vera Frasure had an excellent bitch named Bentley’s Suzy-Q (De Cordova/Williams Blood).

Suzie Q was bred to Max twice and both times produced a high percentage of gamedogs. This is where we got our dog Iron Taffy.
Another good bitch that was bred twice to Max was Wilder’s Mitzie.
Mitzie was out of the old Hemphill’s Geronimo dog himself!
We got a dog by way of Clyde Mason. Out of this breeding, was Iron Spike.

For the past few years we have been doing some breedings and from time to time we let out just a few dogs, just to prove that they are not hand made.

Well, recently we sent a dog down to Florida.
Two of my friends Jimmy and Roy got a male and raised it.
The dog proved himself with his working abilities.

The only thing I can figure is that people don’t like Bob Wise, so people judge Max that way.

Remember you judge a dog by himself NOT by his owner.
Oh, by the way, there were two other breedings to Maximillian.
The two bitches were litter mates.
Their names were Polly and Brenda.
The owner and breeder was none other than Frank Creed.

So to put this letter in a nut shell, what is good enough for Frank Creed is good enough for me.

This is not to discredit Bob Wise, who I personally like and respect.

(Author unknown)

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