Breeders Corner #2 – DeGuello Dogo Argentinos

The Dogo Argentino is often underestimated as a natural hunter. In the 6 years that we have been in the breed we have raised and started many Dogo pups as hunters of feral hogs in South Texas, USA.

A large majority of these have shown some natural tracking/hunting drive. A few would even compare to the crossbred cur/hounds more commonly used in this area at the same age. They are not strictly winding dogs, as some state, but can run and track nose down. We think of them as hotter nosed big game hounds that are designed more for combat than tracking. I think there’s a big misconception that the Dogo’s size and instinct limit their role to that of a catch dog.

They can be quite athletic and if kept in proper condition, can hold up to the many miles involved in a pig hunt just as well as a smaller framed dog. They were originally created to be a dog of endurance, but in the last few decades Hunters have transformed them into more of a Stopper than a Finder.

I believe this to be a detriment to the breed as a dog with that much power and stamina, with a capable nose, is naturally effective as a hog hunter. Their head design, in which a major portion of the breed standard is based on, combines superior bite force with stamina. The jaws, lips, muzzle, and nasal passages all work together so the dog can bite full force and breathe simultaneously. We have hunted these dogs all year round in temperatures as high as 95°F and they have held up well.

They work well in pack situations and are much less dog aggressive than other more traditional catch-type dogs. Hunting behind an all Dogo pack has brought us many great experiences in the woods these last few years.

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