Mr Peter Gorman

Mr Gorman was regarded as a top dogman not only in his home land of Ireland but also all over the UK. He owned and bred some very good dogs over the years, like the famous working Wheaten Terrier Peter ‘Sinead’ and the highly rated Staffordshire Bull Terrier Nicky’s ‘Choice’ who many rated among the best they saw at the time. The knowledge and experience he had with strong dogs was second to none, he was described as being a quiet gentleman.

Peter ‘Sinead’ was the most famous Wheaten Terrier at the Irish trials and won best dog 3 years in a row. He was bred by Mr Tommy P and then sold to Mr Bernard Culbert as a pup. Mr Gorman then bought Peter ‘Sinead’ as an adult from Mr Culbert, he was originally called ‘Jiggles’ named by Mr Culbert’s wife however his working name was ‘My Tim’ or ‘Just Tim’.

It was Mr Gorman who changed his name to Peter ‘Sinead’, naming him after himself and his mother. Peter ‘Sinead’ was a small dog weighing only around 30lbs but began working at the young age of 9 months and worked right up until a day or two before his death, aged 10 years. Mr Gorman rated him so highly and loved him so much that he got him stuffed and placed him in a glass case on display in his home. Unfortunately, Mr Gorman passed away at the age of 63 on the 13th of December 1987 after more than 40 years in working dogs. R.I.P Sir…

(Mr Peter Gorman can be seen in the article photo with one of his Working Wheaten Terriers in the 1970’s in Ireland)


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