Why breed Victorian to KC Bulldog

Why breed Victorian Bulldog to KC English Bulldog? Why not just breed Victorian Bulldog to Victorian Bulldog

The simple answer is, you get better results.

For a start the majority of dogs classed as Victorian Bulldogs have been miss labelled by uneducated breeders, some do carry Ken Mollet’s original blood but it has been crossed with breeds that were not in the original makeup making them an Old Tyme Bulldog and no longer a Victorian Bulldog, for example you can look at many of today’s Oldies and find Victorian Bulldog blood somewhere in their pedigree as everyone used to use everyone’s blood.

Some dogs are Victorian Bulldogs bred by Victorian Bulldog breeders but they have gone away from Ken’s original idea, after all the Victorian Bulldog was meant to resemble a KC English Bulldog but healthier. There are now plenty of dogs with long muzzles and long tails that are lovely looking dogs but they are Old Tyme Bulldogs and should not be confused with the Victorian Bulldog. Because there is such a wide genetic background of breeds to throw back to you will never get a litter of uniform pups putting Victorian Bulldog to Victorian Bulldog.

I have been involved in Victorian Bulldogs for 29 years and I knew both Ken & Elaine Mollet personally. I bred dogs, attended shows and after Ken’s death I watched a mans dream of a breed be destroyed. I’ve seen a man take over the registry and produce dogs from Victorian Bulldog to Victorian Bulldog that were tall and skinny, short and fat, some with tails and some without, they looked which ever way the wind blew and they we’re all called Victorian Bulldogs and lived off someone else’s name. In much more recent times I’ve seen Oldies and KC English Bulldogs with hung pedigrees that screamed Victorian Bulldog blood.

A recent litter of Victorian Bulldog cross Victorian Bulldog bred by a good friend of mine had the best and the worst Victorian Bulldogs I’ve ever seen in the same litter, they were brother and sister. Putting Victorian Bulldogs together has so much to throw back to that there is no definite type or uniform, you could take the best dog from one litter and the best bitch from another litter and put them together and they are not going to produce pups like themselves. However, putting a KC English Bulldog to a Victorian Bulldog you have a set template and a stronger tendency to throw more to the Bulldog. I’ve seen it time and time again, litter after litter, that these types of crosses between a Victorian Bulldog and a KC English Bulldog produce a better Bulldog.

Please think before you breed, don’t just look at the parents, look at the grandparents and great grandparents and see what is actually behind your dogs.

The name London Victorian Bulldogs came about because I was given permission from Elaine Mollet to paper dogs I saw fit to be true to type as Victorian Bulldogs, because Ken’s name was being tarnished by others. It was Pat C who actually had the name London Victorian Bulldogw and he gave me permission to use it, along with Jay B and his brother Paul B they have the oldest and purest line of Ken Mollet’s Victorian Bulldog blood around today.

Written by Mr Nick Blackwell.

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